Personalized employee well-being research tool

HappyMe helps 50-plus employee organizations (the magic number) to optimize both employee- and employer satisfaction. We believe in data-driven HR and employee-centric personalized approach.

Gamified job crafting.

HappyMe is career planning so easy you’ll never know it’s work-related.

Perfect for Gen Y and Z.

HappyMe is the job crafting tool for those who don’t like to think of work as a job.

The employer’s competitive edge.

When it’s hard to attract top talent, this tool improves your competitiveness in the talent marketplace.

Win-win job crafting.

Employee job crafting to deliver bottom-line benefit to the employer.

We make job crafting fun.

HappyMe is the joystick for your career where you take control and chart your future.

Win-win for industry.

A tool for tailor-made careers proven to generate higher employee satisfaction, which leads to lower employee turnover and greater profits.

Careers Sans Frontières.

HappyMe gives career control to the employee, generating actionable feedback from peers and bosses alike in a gamified setting.

Work hard. Get recognized.

HappyMe is an employee-centric approach to career management that means the employee’s voice is always heard.

Name your salary.

HappyMe enables an employee to design his/her own career through job crafting, skills analysis, and a personally-designed motivation package.

Take control of careers

HappyMe’s three modules offer tools to optimize both employee- and employer satisfaction.

Career analysis

Enables the employee to chart values, design his/her job, do a personal skill assessment, and outline future ambitions. Compact yet full of critical information, the tool provides an immediate report about job satisfaction.

Peer review

Worker and colleague alike evaluate skills and performance. A worker’s self-evaluation is compared to peer evaluation along selected criteria.

Business health measurement

Essential feedback is generated about topics selected by the employer. Learn how your organization is really perceived by your employees.

Data-driven HR

  • HR gets a set of measurable KPI-s backed by actionable reports.
  • Our algorithms can predict who will leave the organization within 6 months.
  • An employee-centric personalized approach, we value knowledged workers.

HappyMe clients

HappyMe was first in pilot use by Proekspert, an IT firm serving the Nordics and Scandinavia, and Mapri Ehitus, a commercial construction company based in Tartu, Estonia. With our version 2.0 we are ready to serve various industries.

Our team

HappyMe’s key staff includes psychologist and HR professional Tiina Saar-Veelmaa, and IT professional Magnus Meldre. It’s a combination that ensures ideas come through in tools that function in the real world.

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